Janice Brown

Born in Jamaica and raised in the city of Philadelphia, Janice began the art of braiding at the tender age of nine. She has been in the practice of natural hair styling for over twenty five years. During that time she has seen and participated in the evolution of natural hair. Trained skilled and talented in all hair textures, Janice has taken and transcended the art of freestyle cornrow design. 

She approaches braiding as an artist approaches an empty canvas. Her freehand styling of natural hair exemplifies a worldwide acceptance for natural beauty. Janice has styled hair in Philadelphia, New York, Florida, California, Hawai'i. London and Japan. Her work has been featured on television, stage and video. From Africa to Asia there is no nation exempt from her creativity. 

Janice Brown of Tarbaby Hair Designs is known as the "Picasso or Banquet" of natural hair. Janice has been styling hair around the world for over 25 years. Her talents have graced the shores of London, Japan, Paris, Hawaii. Jamaica and New York. Her artistry has been featured in magazines, television and stage. Some of her outstanding work includes, Essence, Braids & Beauty. Woofin (Japan), Hyakunichiso (Japan), Adornment (London), Hype Hair. Naturally You, Clipper. XXL, Da Da Clothing Co, Spartan Doo Rag. Aveda, Ouestlove, Zang Toi, Zooco, AJ & Free (106 & Park).

Now you can purchase from this site her natural hair products. All made in Brooklyn NY with LOVE.

Tarbaby Hair Design - Janice Brown

Tarbaby Hair Design - Janice Brown