"The Art and Science of Natural Hair and Skin"

Designed and Developed for All.

While Living in London in 2006, I found a lack of natural hair products to service my clientele. Out of this need for organic, nourishing ingredients for hair and skin, I began my journey to develop a product line that would address the various issues of both dryness and nutrition for hair and skin.

The Tarbaby Hair Design line is designed to restore moisture and balance to both hair and skin. The hair and body Butter contains the synergy of technology and nature. They are loaded with vitamins and anti oxidants for the remedy, treatment and repair of damaged hair and skin. The Tarbaby Hair Design line is natural, organic, hand mixed and made with love. I hope you will enjoy and indulge yourself with the healing and nutritional benefits  from the Tarbaby Hair Design line of products in our natural hair supply store.

Be Blessed, Be Well, Be Healthy!